2 ways to make western sour shrimp look delights and addiction

Ingredients: + 1kg earth shrimp or small silver shrimp (small and thin shells will make it more delicious) + 1 galangal root, 1 sliced ​​garlic + 10 sliced ​​chili peppers + 100ml white wine 40 degrees + 1.5 bowls of water fish sauce + 1.5 bowls of white sugar Method: Step 1:  Boil 1.5 cups of delicious fish sauce with 1.5 bowls of white sugar to cool down (Should use traditional fish sauce with high protein will taste better than industrial fish sauce ).

Step 2:  Wash shrimp, soak in dilute salt water for 10 minutes. Take out the basket to drain, remove the shrimp head and the brick at the top, always get the black line on the back of the shrimp. For shrimp to soak with 100ml white wine from 15 minutes - 1h30 minutes (depending on how much you like sour or less).

Step 3:  Take the shrimp out of the wine and drain them into a brass bowl to mix galangal, garlic, chili and sugar fish sauce boiled from step 1.

Step 4:  Put the shrimp mixture in a glass jar, guava leaf leaves, intestinal beam leaves or galangal sliced ​​leaves to cover the face to prevent the shrimp from becoming black and moldy. Step 5:  Bring the vial of shrimp to the sun in 5 days. The shrimp will turn very beautiful red color. The longer you dry, the more sour shrimp will be, so it only takes 5 days to dry. Leaving the bottle of shrimp next to the kitchen for another 10 days is edible, the cooked shrimp is sour, sweet, spicy and slightly salty.

 Note: If there is no sunlight, when mixing the mixture in step 3, you add ½ bowl of glutinous rice (or 3 tablespoons of cooked glutinous rice flour) to mix with shrimp to make it easier to ferment. Keep jars of shrimp next to the stove, fireplace, oven for 20-30 days to eat. Store in the cool fridge and keep it cool when shrimp are sour. Method 2:

Ingredients: + Shrimp: 500g + 1 small galangal (about 100g) + 3 garlic cloves + 1/2 red bell pepper (or Korean chili sauce) + 5 spicy chili peppers + 15g salt (1 full teaspoon) + 15ml fish sauce Delicious (1 tbsp) + 40g sugar (2 tbsp full) + 200ml white wine + 2 tbsp filled with glutinous rice flour + 200ml water Directions: Step 1:  Prepare raw materials for sour shrimp - Shrimp choose land shrimp, fresh , the meat is firm and even, when the salt is sour, the shrimp will not be friable. Rinse shrimp with diluted salt water, drain well. - Galangal rinse, peel, cut fiber. - Bell peppers removed, sliced. Red bell peppers for beautiful red color, you can replace it with Korean chili sauce.- Peeled, sliced ​​garlic - Shredded peppers, shredded (depending on your family's taste, reduce the appropriate amount of chili. Step 2: Soaking shrimps with white wine - Put shrimp in a big bowl, pour half of white wine, soak for 30 minutes, then take out, cut beard, remove head shell and black back only. (You can leave it as it is, or discard it as you like) - Then put in the bowl to soak again with the remaining wine. Soak for another 30 minutes and the shrimp will have red heads and tails. Step 3: Making sour water - Heat the mixture of 2 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour and about 200ml of water, stir until the dough turns transparent, add the fish sauce, salt, sugar and stir well, then turn off the heat, allow to cool. amount of glutinous rice flour boiled with half the amount of galangal, garlic and bell pepper. The remaining half of the ingredients of chili, garlic, galangal are mixed with the freshly ground mixture.- Shrimp picked directly from the wine bowl and placed in jars (can add a little wine) alternating with galangal, chili ... pour the part the mixture has just boiled (glass jar must be washed, rinsed with boiling water and dried, otherwise sour shrimp will be easily scum and musty). Put shrimp in flooded and tightly covered, store in a dry and ventilated place. Use a bamboo stick or a clean object to press down so that the shrimp is submerged in the mixture. In cold and humid seasons, place it in a dry place near a fan. Only 1 week later was edible. If cold, about 10-12 days is okay. At that time, store in the refrigerator compartment to cool the shrimp to reduce acidity.

 - Sour shrimp is an appropriate condiment to boil meat. Eating vermicelli or wrap is also very delicious. Besides the delicious dishes from traditional shrimp, add sour shrimp dish to your menu now!

I wish you success with 2 ways to make this Western sour shrimp!