3 hills in Hue are picturesque, taking virtual live photos is just called 'quality'

The ancient capital land is always famous for many ancient architectural works bearing bold history of the Vietnamese nation. When visiting this place, you not only feel the tranquility and passion for a day of your life, but also be immersed in a charming natural place with 3 hills of Hue full of dreams. Come visit this sweet land so you don't regret missing that wonderful dream.

Hue tourism will be a destination that will make you never be disappointed with the dreamy scenery that makes people more drunk. However, there are three beautiful and enchanting hills that not everyone knows when they stop. The scenery is so beautiful and beautiful that many visitors come to admire the feeling that "paradise seems right here".

Vong Canh Hill - a charming scene like Dalat in the heart of the ancient capital

The hill is located on Huyen Tran Princess Street in Thuy Bieu Ward in the south of Hue City. According to the legend of Vong Canh Hill, this place was always chosen by the Nguyen Dynasty kings as a rest stop and sightseeing place each time.

Hue hills
The hill is located south of the city with charming views. Photo: Mai wedding

The hill is 43m high, the foothill bordering the romantic Perfume River, around the hill is the mausoleum system of Nguyen Dynasty kings. This place is one of three hills of Hue possessing the most poetic natural scenery.

Hue hills
The most charming poetic scenery creates romantic wedding photos. Photo: Mai wedding

With the scenery like a fresh ecological park, Vong Canh hill is suitable for walking, sightseeing, relaxing and breathing fresh air. The interesting point is that tourists can choose their own travel schedule for road and waterway tours along the Perfume River and enjoy Hue music. 

Hue hills
Standing on the top of the hill, you can watch the poetic Perfume River, enjoy the fresh air here. Photo: FB review Hue tourism

Visiting here, you can fully see the ancient capital city with ancient monuments that have experienced many ups and downs but still have their values ​​intact. Standing on the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful scenery in a large, green nature.

Hue hills
Sparkling rays of sunlight alternating through pine needles create a romantic scene. Photo: Mai wedding

Especially at dawn or dusk, the sparkling rays of sunlight alternating through the leaves or reflecting through the water surface of the river are very lively. It can be said that this poetic beauty helps visitors feel very peaceful, dispel the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hue hills
When you come here you will also have many super quality virtual live photos. Photo: Hue tourism review

Thien An Hill - Virtual live gold coordinates

The hill emerges as an attractive tourist phenomenon after appearing in the scene of the famous movie "The Eye". This place is considered as a virtual living gold coordinate for visitors who want to explore new beautiful scenes with romantic scenery.

Hue hills
The hill appeared in the movie Eye of the eye full of attraction. Photo: Blue eyes

Thien An Hill is located about 10km southwest of Hue city center, in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy town, Thua Thien Hue. The hill of Hue has a wild, ancient natural beauty with the roads completely surrounded by tall, quiet pine trees.

Hue hills
The ancient hill next to the towering pine trees has a calm and peaceful look. FB: Hue tourism

This place is blessed with a cool climate all year round, charming poetic landscape with winding roads. The tall pine trees illuminate the visitors feeling lost in the illusory paradise.

Hue hills
The climate here is cool as if it makes us feel lost in paradise. Photo: Hue tourism

Located on the top of the highest hill is Thien An Monastery which is designed with Asian style. This is a place that is different from other Catholic monasteries.

When you come here to visit, you will feel the cold, fresh air, but no less poetic and magical. Continue to climb to the top of the tower, you will see the full space here, see the entire campus, beautiful scenery between two rows of trees.

Hue hills
Romantic scenery makes for a very chill photo. Photo: Hue tourism FB

Not only that, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery on Thien An hill, you also have the opportunity to visit Thuy Tien Lake with a giant Dragon statue located in the middle of the covered moss lake, extremely impressive carved architecture.

Previously, the lake was an amusement park with many entertainment facilities, but now it is abandoned. However, that is why this place has become a strange attraction, creating the feeling of an ancient question that not everywhere can be.

Hue hills
Many quality photos were born in front of a gentle yet peaceful natural scene. Photo: Hue tourism FB

Ngoc Linh Hill - A peaceful scene on the left bank of the Perfume River

Also located in Thuy Bang commune and about 15km west of Hue City Center, Ngoc Linh Hill is surrounded by the winding Huong River. That is why the natural scenery here is poetic and brings a simple beauty of the countryside in a large space.

Hue hills
Large space with beautiful blue highlights creates an impressive virtual living coordinates. Photo: FB Review Hue tourism

This hill has become the favorite coordinate of many young people coming to check-in. The background shows up extremely with a green pine hill next to the long long grass, the flower hill, creating many new beautiful corners, but no less romantic. 

Hue hills
The landscape around the hill is full of poetry with a gentle and simple scene. Photo: Hue tourism FB

This is also one of  the hills of Hue  with extremely open space, fresh air thanks to immense trees and green lawns that captivate the eyes of visitors. When you experience this place, you will be immersed in the green, green grass, and in the distance a few cows are grazing leisurely next to the pine forest reaching out in the wind.

Hue hills
Open space creates a peaceful and peaceful resting place. Photo: Review Hue

If you want to find a peaceful place, be immersed in green nature. Or simply want to find the ideal camping place for groups of friends, family with many outdoor entertainment activities, away from the bustle of the city, this place will be the best choice for you. and family.

Hue hills
The close-knit village style scene comes from immense trees and green grass. Photo: FB review Hue

If you have the opportunity to come to the ancient capital, visit 3 hills of Hue to have great natural experiences, admire the poetic and lyrical looks. Enjoy the fresh atmosphere, but peaceful and simple, immersed in the dreamy beauty of mingling with a gentle and attractive space in dear Hue.