Lap An Hue lagoon is beautiful but Cau Hai lagoon is equally poetic

In addition to Tam Giang Lagoon and Lap An Lagoon, Cau Hai Hue lagoon is also a lagoon with poetic beauty, fully demonstrating the idyllic life of the ancient capital's inhabitants. 

Where is Cau Hai lagoon?

Hue ancient capital has long been famous for its ancient, peaceful, and poetic beauty with tourist destinations such as Hue Citadel, Thien An hill, An Dinh palace. The beautiful outdoor destinations can be mentioned as Lap An lagoon, Tam Giang Lagoon, ... with the imprint of a rustic and simple village. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueCau Hai Dam is a little-known destination in Hue. Photo: epiwander

But the land of the ancient capital is not only so much beautiful. If you have ever visited Lap An lagoon, experienced Tam Giang Lagoon, next time you visit Hue , visit Cau Hai lagoon. This is also a beautiful lagoon that nature has bestowed on Hue. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueThis lagoon is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province. Photo: nguyenduce

Dam Cau Hai is located in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province . To reach this lagoon, you move in the direction of Hue - Da Nang on the National Highway 1A. When you arrive in Phu Loc district, you look to your left hand to see the vast Cau Hai lagoon exposed. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueDreaming sunset on Cau Hai Hue lagoon. Photo: traburin

Cau Hai lagoon Hue is a large lagoon in the Tam Giang Lagoon system. With beautiful and poetic green beauty, this is a place that visitors often visit to learn about people's lives, admire the scenery and take souvenir photos in the journey to discover the beauty of Hue. .

The beauty of Cau Hai lagoon

Cau Hai Hue lagoon has a large area with a total circumference of more than 100 km. This lagoon is surrounded by villages and undulating hills and mountains, creating a beautiful, poetic, mysterious masterpiece that everyone who comes once will always be in love. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueMany couples come to take wedding photos. Photo: jmanuel.abad

It is difficult to expect something exciting and passionate in a lagoon associated with the idyllic rhythm of the residents. That is the reason that this place always has a sad and sad beauty, a very sad "Hue" that not everywhere.

Cau Hai lagoon HueCan't take your eyes off the peaceful and poetic beauty of Cau Hai lagoon. Photo: thuhoaithu

If you visit this beautiful lagoon for the first time, you will immediately be caught up in the beautiful picture that the Creator has given this place. The large and shiny water surface in the sun, the small boats of the people or the aquaculture areas are gathered, creating a unique scene of the Central region.

Cau Hai lagoon HueMany international tourists visit Cau Hai Hue lagoon. Photo: fergusbarker

According to the experiences of photographers and tourists going to Hue , Cau Hai lagoon possesses a beauty that constantly changes at different times of the day. Early in the morning, the lagoon welcomes the dawn with warm rays of sunlight creeping out of the red sun. The scene at this time is poetic and fanciful like a fairyland. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueThe beauty of Cau Hai Hue lagoon when viewed from above. Photo: do_nguyen_thanh

At noon, when it is sunny, and white clouds float, Cau Hai Hue lagoon is exposed with a clear, green beauty. Coming to the lagoon at noon, visitors will feel more refreshing thanks to the cool breeze. Zooming out into the distance, you will see a panoramic picture of the lagoon with boats, with the image of fishermen.

Cau Hai lagoon HueThe lagoon is as large and immense as the ocean. Photo: joaquimfcabral

Cau Hai Hue lagoon is as large and immense as the ocean, looking forever and not knowing where the shore is, the horizon. Small islands in the middle of the lagoon contribute to beautifying the picture more beautiful and charming. Then, tourists who go to Hue also want to come here to "shoot", take many beautiful pictures. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueRomantic sunset scene at Cau Hai Hue lagoon. Photo: linh_xu2000

This lagoon has a special feature of capturing water for nearly all major rivers in Thua Thien Hue province . Therefore, the water in the lagoon is usually sweet, then changes to brackish water in the dry season. Because of this feature, in the lagoon, local people can raise both brackish water aquatic species and saltwater marine species. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueTraveling to Hue, you should once visit Cau Hai lagoon. Photo: haiconmuc 

Today, Cau Hai lagoon is a beautiful destination in Hue . This place is like a gift that nature just for the indigenous people of Phu Loc district, and for the remote tourists who love the romantic beauty, dreaming only in Hue. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueBeautiful nature on Cau Hai lagoon. Photo: soaipham

Experience not to be missed when coming to Cau Hai lagoon 

Visiting Cau Hai Hue lagoon , in addition to choosing the right moments to admire the scenery and take beautiful pictures at the lagoon, you can also experience a boat ride on the lagoon to discover the labor beauty of the local people. 

Cau Hai lagoon HueDiscover Cau Hai lagoon, visitors will understand more about the life of the people here. Photo: jennadgc

Taking a boat to walk around Cau Hai lagoon, you will find that there are many underground beaches, wild meadows with countless wild ducks, storks, cauldron,… swimming. A pure untouched picture promises to bring many memorable memories to visitors.

Experiencing wandering between the vast water waves, enjoying the skillful fishing screen of the people is the best thing that you should try once. In particular, visitors here also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes with rich flavors of Central cuisine prepared by the people.

Cau Hai lagoon HueBeautiful blue watercolor in the lagoon. Photo: viedanrob

In particular, in the boat trip to explore Cau Hai Hue lagoon, you can also see the image of "mobile" families of residents. Those are the boats that people live on. The hard work mixed with the sad scenery of the lagoon will leave a deep impression on visitors.

Cau Hai lagoon HueTo Hue, you have to visit Cau Hai lagoon once. Photo: keirgravil

Hue has many beautiful and famous destinations such as tombs of kings, relics of the Nguyen Dynasty or spiritual destinations. Besides, the lagoons are also a special mark of poetic Hue. Having the opportunity to travel here, remember to go to Cau Hai lagoon once to admire the scenery and enjoy the romantic beauty of this place.