Nem and Tré - Hue specialties

In Hue there are 2 dishes, in fact 2 dishes aimed at wine, famous as Nem and Tré. Nem tré goes together like a sincere friend, as a married couple is hard to deal with. Nem tré is indispensable in the weddings of Hue people and betel nut.

Hue Hue is different from the north roll and the southern roll is spiced. We never met a bunch of Hue rolls with a round pepper in the middle. The flavors are soluble in the lovely spring rolls. In curry rolls, there are enough flavors of sour fermented lean meat, chopped pork skin, hearing, braised fish sauce, rock sugar, salt ... It's really hard to prevent the eagerness of the taste buds when you see each of the red and sour pork rolls. circle in the heart of the invitation!

Tré Hue is also delicious in the art of seasoning and meticulously done: pork skin must be ram, add garlic, ginger, sesame, hearing, salt, sugar mixed squeeze and tightly packed with guava leaves. Mrs. Truong Thi Bich, daughter-in-law Tung Thien Vuong Mien Tham wrote a wonderful poem to teach how to make tré in Hue way:

“ This meat makes the skin of the
old garlic ram , chopped young ginger into
Hearing, salt, sesame, sugar mixed squeeze the
package with guava leaves, bunch of fig leaves. "

Beef cattle Hue

Nem Hue has many places to do and sell, but it is long and famous in Dao Duy Tu street, the corner of the bridge and the Dong Ba gate.

It will be very convenient for you to go shopping for Hue gifts because this place is also very close to the famous sesame ovens of Hue, namely Hong Thuan and Nam Thuan.