Specialties of Lang Co Hue clam sauce

Lang Co (Lang Co Town, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province) is famous for many kinds of fresh specialties such as shrimp, crab, crab, squid, hairy oysters, blood cockles, mussels, etc. thanks to the favor of nature bestows natural conditions of the sea and the surrounding lagoon. In particular, the oysters or dialects called Cho is also a specialty of Lang Co lagoon, although it is not preferred for use as fresh as other specialties but famous for its delicious taste through a process of processing into a the kind of fish sauce is called clam sauce. 

Rake clamshell on Lang Co lagoon

Clams seem to be present year-round, except for rainy and windy weather in September and October when the water level rises so people cannot go there to make scallops rare. To clam shell is not very complicated, just a small rake table and a basket or anything to hold oysters with a good time of net water (about 14-18pm). To catch oysters is not difficult but to catch many oysters requires the persistence, perseverance, soaking in salt water all day, even the afternoon hot water or rising water around the neck. Recipes processing to have a delicious sauce In Lang Co, there are many households who can make their own fish sauce but famous for making famous shellfish sauce is the Mo Can family with 20 years of making shellfish sauce right at the junction of the road to Lang Co market. According to Mo Can, it is not difficult to make clam sauce, but to have a bottle of delicious clam sauce, it takes a long time to make people who understand the characteristics of shellfish and must have the mind. Scallops are bought to get a sharp knife to get shells, wash thoroughly sand and impurities many times until the water is clear. Do not soak in water for too long, the oysters will bloom to benefit the people who make the sauce, but the sauce will quickly spoil; then take out the basket (basket), let the water dry for about 50 minutes, pour the dried oysters into clean brass, remove the salt salt (also known as raw salt) to be finely chopped at the rate of 10 cups of shellfish: 2 cups of salt. 

Amidine family is making clam sauce

Muoi dum's family is making clam sauce. It is absolutely forbidden to remove powdered salt (or cooked salt) because salt powder with low salinity is easy to spoil, but if too much salt is too salty to eat; paprika and galangal small drop rate depending on the needs of people eating more or less spicy; Mix well oysters, salt, chili, galangal then put immediately into bottles or plastic pots tightly closed, not to go out for too long but sticking to flies and maggots easily broken quickly. 

When sauce is put into a covered pot within 8 - 10 days, the sauce will be ripe and edible, the most obvious expression of the sauce is the scallop will float on the surface, the water below will be opaque like fish sauce. The higher the oysters go, the more fish sauce will appear under the pot, the more it will last for a long time, customers who buy it to eat this type of fish should eat it quickly. To have a cup of delicious clam sauce, true taste Seeing the water under the fish sauce bottle is when the sauce can be eaten, we use a clean chopstick to pick out a sufficient amount of fish sauce and close it tightly for preservation next time; When scooping out the sauce, we see a very bright red eye, pound some garlic mixed into the sauce to increase the aroma and flavor of the sauce. If you feel salty, you can add a little sugar, monosodium glutamate depending on the taste of the person enjoying to flexibly reduce the seasoning. Oysters sauce will be very delicious when eaten with hot rice or can become a sauce when using more raw vegetables, pickles, starfruit and bacon to ensure the taste will be tough, fragrant of oysters, salty of fish sauce, sourness of star fruit and fatty taste of bacon. Lang Co clam sauce dish will certainly not be strange to visitors, but to enjoy the right time and taste of the sauce, it is probably still limited. Through this article, We want to give you the delicious local scallop sauce, eaten forever, can be used in daily meals, parties or as gifts for friends, it is very precious. Bacon meat with pork belly is not too popular but it is not luxurious but it still sticks to the heart of everyone of the spicy, sour, salty and sweet tastes when knowing the harmonious combination of the elements that make up the flavor. Lang Co clam sauce.