Tasty Sobbing With The Clam Noodle In Hue

1. Clam Hoa Dong Rice Clam - Ngon Com Clam in Con Hen, Hue City

  • Location:  64 Kiet 7 Ung Binh, Hue City
  • Price:  10,000 - 25,000
  • Opening hours:  6H30 - 20H00

Despite being in a masterpiece,  Hoa Dong Com Hen  has been around for more than 30 years. Considered as one of the  Aggregates famous Hue mussel rice.  Then this is surely a place you should visit immediately, when visiting Hue city. The restaurant is very diverse with many dishes, the price is very cheap but the quality is not discussed. Rice is cooked and cooled, mussels to spread fire. The flavor of the mussel served with the strong scent of the mussel, a little brimming with the spicy flavor. The feeling when eating mussel rice for the first time will be great for a trip to this ancient land.

2. Small Restaurant - Com Ngon Delicious Restaurant in Hue

  • Location:  28 Pham Hong Thai - Vinh Ninh - Hue City
  • Opening hours:  6H00 - 11H00
  • Price:  10,000 - 40,000

Having been operating for less than 20 years, the owner is friendly, funny and typical rustic of the central people. With a variety of dishes, always add a cup of shrimp and chili to taste more to suit each person's taste. And especially the shrimp here are delicious and tasty, the rice and mussels are full of bowl. Greasy is fried, not too hard or mushy, with a little aromatic beard. Quan Nho will be a great  mussel address in Hue  when you want to taste specialties in Hue.

Tasty Sobbing With The Clam Noodle In Hue
Small Restaurant - Delicious Rice Clam Restaurant In Hue

3. Tam Phuc Restaurant - Com Hen Restaurant in Hue

  • Location:  Kiet 7 - Ung Binh - Con Hen - Hue City.
  • Opening hours:  7am - 10pm
  • Price:  15,000 - 33,000

Tam Phuc Restaurant  is an indispensable name when it comes to the  best mussel rice restaurants in Hue . The shop is small but quite crowded, bringing a warm feeling. Feel the life of Hue people. In addition to rice noodles, mussel porridge, the mussel rice here is also very good with 2 types of dried mussels rice and water mussel rice. Flavored rice, mussels here are very different from those  aggregates in Hue mussel rice .

Tasty Sobbing With The Clam Noodle In Hue
Tam Phuc Restaurant - Com Hen Restaurant In Hue

4. Com Clam Ba Cam - Com Clam Truong Dinh Hue

  • Location:  02 Truong Dinh - Hue City
  • Opening hours:  06H00 - 13H30
  • Price:  10,000 - 40,000

Located on Truong Dinh street. The mussel rice restaurant Mrs. Cam is considered  the famous mussel rice restaurant in Hue . The shop is very popular but always crowded. The rice is so delicious here. The price is very cheap, a bowl only 10k and the shop even has mung bean repair and a fire fighting glass at 5k is nothing more wonderful.

Tasty Sobbing With The Clam Noodle In Hue
Clam Clam Ba Cam - Clam Clam Truong Dinh Hue

5. Quan 26 - Com Hen Restaurant in Hue

  • Address:  26 Trương Định - Huế City
  • Opening hours:  6H00 - 23H00
  • Price:  10,000 - 30,000

The shop is easy to find, spacious and clean, rich taste. Cheap so you can order many dishes at once to eat. The restaurant is super fast and long service so you are very fast so don't worry when you have no seats. The rice is very spongy, the mussels and other condiments are very delicious. A bit spicy but full of the charming of Hue people.

Tasty Sobbing With The Clam Noodle In Hue
Quan 26 - Com Hen Restaurant In Hue