What kind of delicious sesame Hue?

1. Thien Huong Sesame Bag 250g, price 27,000 VND / pack (regular)

This is a medium-sized sesame package so many customers choose, suitable to buy to enjoy

Thien Huong Sesame Bags 250g

Hue sesame paste 250g

2. Crispy sesame Thien Huong with 160g color price 20,000 VND / pack (regular)

160g crispy sesame pack has the most beautiful packaging design, this is the RICE PAPER RICE BREAD, different from the normal PEOPLE square piece. When enjoying it brings a new and delicious feeling. The product is both suitable to enjoy and selected as a beautiful and meaningful gift!

Thien Huong sesame crispy 160g

Hue crispy sesame paste 160g

3. Thien Huong round sesame is 150g, price 21,000 VND / pack (new type)

The 150g round sesame pack was created by Thien Huong Company to bring a new, innovative, unique product as a very meaningful gift. The product has been enjoyed by many customers in HCMC

Sesame round 150g

Sesame round 150g

4. Thien Huong sesame seeds, high quality sesame seeds, 500g, priced at VND 48,000 / pack (premium grade)

This is a high quality sesame product designed to give gifts, with nice & luxurious packaging. With the very reasonable price, you absolutely can choose this product line as a gift for your friends and relatives.

Hue Sesame Premium Sesame Bag 500g

Hue Sesame Premium Sesame Bag 500g

5. Thien Huong sesame, high-grade sesame seeds, 500g, priced at 49,000 VND / pack (premium grade)

This is the most advanced sesame of Thien Huong is packaged into luxurious boxes suitable as gifts. Each small piece of candy is easier to eat than the big square in the sesame packages. If you want the most polite product, the high-end box is the choice for you.

High quality sesame seeds sesame box 400g

High quality sesame seeds sesame box 400g