Hue Tourism: 9 Hue specialties as an ideal gift for travelers

Hue specialties as a gift for your health

Hue lotus seeds

Lotus seeds in the ancient capital are different from the lotus seeds elsewhere. Hue lotus seeds are extremely refined. Seeds are carefully selected so it is very uniform, beautiful milky color, with a faint aroma characteristic. Hue lotus seeds are thick, fat and sweeter than other lotus seeds. Not only that, Hue lotus seeds also have very high nutritional value. Support for treatment of insomnia, hypotension, asthenia ... If you want to choose a truly heart-warming gift for your relatives and friends, choose Hue lotus seeds as a gift. 

Hue specialties as a gift

Hue lotus seeds - Hue specialties as attractive gifts
Hue lotus seeds can be either fresh or dried seeds. Dried beans are carefully prepared and packed into bags, with a brand. This type is very convenient for travelers to buy and carry luggage. Hue lotus seeds can be processed into tea, making jam and playboy. Or cook soup, porridge to improve health. 
 If traveling to Hue, you can buy lotus seeds in traditional markets such as Dong Ba market or in supermarkets. The price of lotus seeds is quite high but the quality is free of charge. 

Hue Imperial Tea

Referring to Imperial Palace Tea, people immediately think of Hue. Drinking tea has long been a very delicate cultural feature of Hue people. Previously only kings and high-ranking mandarins had time to enjoy tea. Today, drinking tea and eating cakes has been an elegant habit of the people of the ancient capital. 
 Hue Imperial Tea is well known for its high ingredients. Tea is made from natural herbs such as artichokes, chrysanthemums, sweet grass, ginseng, great apples, persimmons, goji berries ... All are herbs in Oriental medicine, extremely healthy. 

Hue specialties as a gift

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Not only sweet and easy to drink, and for common refreshment tasks, Hue Imperial Tea also has many good uses for health. Tea supports the treatment of headaches, high blood pressure, nourishes blood. Moreover, the ingredients in the tea also help to beautify the skin, reduce cholesterol ... Hue Imperial Tea is a specialty of Hue as an appropriate gift for both the elderly and the young. 

Hue cajeput oil

Hue cajeput oil is made from natural cajuput trees. Cajeput oil is loved for its health benefits. Oil helps children against wind and insects. Rub oil to help sleep better, good for the elderly and pregnant.

Hue specialties as a gift

Melaleuca oil is a popular product of the ancient capital. Tourists on the road are easy to see the shops selling this type of oil. Buying melaleuca oil as a gift for your loved ones is also a good idea. 

Hue specialties as gifts 

Lang Co clam sauce

Lang Co is a town in Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue. Lang Co is favored in the enclosed lagoon, clean and beautiful sea. This place is famous for seafood such as shrimp, crabs, blood cockles, mussels, ... Of which oysters are the most popular. Hue people make a special delicious oyster sauce. Over time, oyster sauce becomes a specialty of Lang Co.
 Choose large scallops, firm and fragrant meat to prepare clean. Marinate shellfish with small galangal tubers, salt, pepper, and then put in a covered jar. Soak in fish sauce for 15 days, when the oysters float to the top and you can enjoy. 

Hue specialties as a gift

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When eating scallop fish sauce with garlic, crushed chili, add a little sugar to taste. Clam sauce with hot rice is delicious. It is also possible to make sauces when eating raw vegetables, meat rolls ...
 Visitors can buy Lang Co clam sauce at Dong Ba Market, along the highway, the market in Lang Co town ...

Sesame paste 

Hue sesame is a special product with the essence and soul of Hue people. Sesame appears everywhere in Hue's life. In particular, this is a Hue specialty as a delicious gift. 
 Sesame candy made from rice flour, sugar, peanuts, sesame, malt. Sweets taste sweet with sugar and malt. Smells like sesame and peanuts. Eat in the mouth of cool, chewy. Sesame paste is best when the sugar is cooked to the brim. This dish that sip at the time of tea is nothing great. 

Hue specialties as a gift

Sesame Hue
When  traveling Hue  remember to choose sesame - Hue specialty as a gift. The beautiful morning or the afternoon quiet sitting beside a cup of tea sipping a sesame piece, it is a beautiful landscape. 
 You can buy delicious sesame stems at the following addresses: Thanh Hung sesame sesame (55 Hoang Dieu), Thien Huong sesame (138B Chi Lang), Hong Thuan sesame (137 Huynh Thuc Khang) or Dong Ba Market. 

Sour shrimp paste

Hue people choose fresh soil shrimps and wash them with salt water. Leave the prawns in white wine. Then cut off the heads of the shrimp and the antennae, add a little salt in sugar Choose a good kind of fish sauce, add sugar and cook. Add shrimp, chili, garlic, galangal, ginger to the sauce, mix well to absorb. Put shrimp into jars alternating spices and pour sauce into flooded tofu. Cover it, wait 7 days for flavor to enjoy. 

Hue specialties as a gift

Sour shrimp paste is sold in many markets in Dong Ba - Hue.
Sour shrimp paste has the sour taste of shrimp, the spicy taste of chili garlic is hard to resist. Shrimp paste with hot rice is all gone. Even more delicious is when eating meat roll rice paper with shrimp sauce. Therefore, buying Hue specialties as a gift but forgetting sour shrimp sauce is a major omission. 

Hue sour spring 

Hue sour spring rolls are made from pork skin, lean pork, rock sugar, chili and other spices. Hue sour spring rolls wrapped with guava or banana leaves. Hue people make rolls very well. Pork must be a delicious fresh meat, the seasoning to the spring rolls must match each bit. If so, the new spring rolls are delicious, new to the other spring rolls. 

Hue specialties as a gift

Hue sour Nem Hue

sour Hue that made beer, wine is really great. Just looking at the beautiful pink nem makes you want to eat it. 
 Nem chua Hue is sold in many traditional markets and supermarkets. However, if you want to buy the best spring rolls, visitors should go to Dao Duy Tu Street, the corner of the bridge and the Dong Ba gate. 

Pomelos of Thanh Tra

Thanh Tra pomelo is smaller than other types of pomelos, shaped like pears. The yellow crust is sunny, not green like grapefruit. Grapefruit is also small. The inside is yellow, little water, with a faint aroma and a sweet taste. Pomelos Thanh Tra has only one season a year, each season can be saved for a few months. 

Hue specialties as a gift

Thanh Tra grapefruit, Hue specialties as a gift not to be missed

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If you travel to Hue at the beginning of Thanh Tra grapefruit season, you can buy new grapefruit with succulent pomelos, More delicious and sweeter. 
 Pomelos Thanh Tra is quite cheap. Besides enjoying as a fruit, grapefruit can also be used as salad, tea ... If you've come to Hue, do not forget to buy Thanh Tra grapefruit as a gift.

Candy areca

Areca candy is a candy with the shape of a betel nut split into six pieces. The outside of the white candy is made from rice flour with sugar, the inside is the solid yellow sugar juice. 
 Candy areca sweet and hard, often eat when eating to dissolve candy. Areca candy is a forgotten homeland gift that Hue children love. Elderly people also like to suck areca candy, eat candy when drinking tea is a habit of the elderly in Hue.

Hue specialties as a gift

Hue areca

This type of candy is sold everywhere in Hue, especially in big markets. Tourists can buy and bring to work for friends and relatives at home. 

In addition, Hue handicrafts such as poem leaves, embroidery ... can also be taken home as gifts.