Summary of special cakes that cause nostalgia in Hue

Specialty cakes in Hue  such as Beo cake, Nam cake, Cast cake, Phu phu cake, ... are famous and famous dishes from near and far, causing many memories to diners.

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For a long time, the ancient capital of Hue has been famous all over the country because of its quintessential culinary features and extremely rich. Besides the dishes that make Hue brand such as Hue beef noodle soup, mussel rice, spring rolls, ... Hue cuisine will not be complete without the special cakes of Hue. Most of these dishes are not only meticulously processed, delicately eye-catching, but also contain all the typical flavors of this lovely and dreamy land.

Roll the name of specialty cakes in Hue once to remember

1. Cake with duckweed

Opening the list of  specialty cakes in Hue  is the dirt cake. No one knows when this rustic cake was born, but it has become a specialty of Hue ancient cuisine. From holidays, festivals to everyday meals, dirt cake is indispensable.

A unique feature of Hue duck cake is the cake made in small cups, arranged on a rustic bamboo tray. Each white cake, covered on the attractive orange face of burnt shrimp, pork rind, fried onions and green onions. The cake is eaten with sweet and spicy chili sauce, creating a delicious flavor, eating forever and not bored.


Pistachio cake in small cups, on top of bamboo.


Beo cake has long been a feature of Hue ancient cuisine.

2. Flour filter cake

Banh bot loc is one of  the specialty cakes in Hue that  is loved by many diners. There are two types of cakes: filter cake with banana or dong leaves and bare cake, without leaves. Both types are eye-catching thanks to the transparent, lumpy bread that reveals the red inside of the shrimp and finely chopped bacon. Serve with filter cake indispensable spicy sweet sauce typical of Hue. Because the sauce is not too salty, you can dip the bread and enjoy.  


Banh bot loc is one of the specialty cakes in Hue that is loved by many diners.


Bare filter cake.

3. Cake Nam

Besides water cake, filter cake, Nam cake also makes its place in the hearts of customers when it comes to Hue cuisine. You can easily find this rustic cake anywhere when  traveling to Hue . From specialty restaurants, bars to street vendors.

Nam cake is made from white rice flour, thinly shaped in rectangle, wrapped in a dong leaf. Dotted on the cake that red brick of milled shrimp. Cake served with sweet and spicy sauce, can add shrimp rolls if you like. 


Cake Nam - rustic cake, delicious.


Cake made of rice flour, shrimp paste puree.

4. Hue pressed cakes

Pressed cake is a unique type of cake in Hue which is loved by many people, especially the young people. The cake is made from filter powder, pressed between two hot round pieces of iron on a fiery charcoal stove. Fillings can be pate, egg, pork. It looks simple but the taste is delicious and hard to resist. 

You have to take place to be able to enjoy its true taste. This cake appears in many corners of Hue, but is famous and delicious to mention Thuan An pressed cake.


Pressed cake is a unique type of cake in Hue


Snacks are popular with young people.

5. Wet cakes 

Wet cake is a popular cake in many regions but it has become one of  the specialty cakes in Hue  because the unique feature is nowhere else. The cake is made from rice flour mixed with tapioca flour or tapioca flour in a special ratio. Rice paper thin on the mold but not torn. 

According to the baker, the thinner the wet cake is, the better it is and shows the skill of the baker. In Hue, wet cakes have many types for you to enjoy such as wet shrimp cakes, sour shrimp wet cakes, pork wet cakes, wet barbecue cakes, ...


Wet cake

6. Spousal cakes

Cake spousal also known as chê cake. This is also one of  the specialty cakes in Hue that you should try. If the Lady cake in the North has a circle wrapped in colorful plastic paper, the cake in the South is a square or round pair, the Lady Cake in Hue is carefully and meticulously wrapped in a simple box of coconut leaves. Very cute. 

The cake is attractive by the tough, dough with bright yellow green bean paste with fresh white coconut fibers. In Hue, spousal cakes often appear during wedding ceremonies as a wish to wish the couple hundreds of years of happiness.


Hue Lady Cake in a nice coconut leaf box.


Cake is used in many weddings. like the wish of a hundred years of happiness.

7. Fruit green bean cake 

Fruit green bean cake is considered a "noble" cake in the past because it requires ingenuity and sophistication of talented bakers. Cake made from green beans, masters and food colors. The shape of the cake is extremely attractive with a variety of vegetables, fruits such as oranges, plums, star fruit, mango, mangosteen, ... 

Enjoy the right fruit green bean cake to drink tea, and talk. Nowadays, this type of cake is very popular and many people buy to buy as gifts when coming to Hue.


Fruit green bean cake.


A delicious "noble" cake.

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8. Delightful cake 

Banh chung is a favorite food of many people. If you are first going to Hue it will be easy to mistake this for a pancake because both items have many similarities. However, the skin of the pie is thicker and more crunchy than the pancake. In particular, the dipping sauce to eat with the cake is also different, which is a kind of "broth" made from pork liver, lean meat, roasted sesame, pounded peanuts and Hue soy sauce to create a delicious aroma. forced.


Fanciful cake.


Attractive cake with special dipping sauce.

9. Little ram bread

The name "low ram" is a combination of two familiar types of bread, the ram and the less. Where the ram is the fried bread on the bottom and the little cake is the white round cake on top. When first seen, maybe many people will confuse the dish with less bare bread in the South. However, this type of cake has a unique flavor, is sophisticatedly processed, so in the past this was one of  the specialty cakes in Hue  used to advance the king.

When enjoying, you will feel the plasticity of the crust is less, the rich salty sweetness of the shrimp meat, wood ear, and finally the crispy, strange taste of the ram. It is the novel combination, full of flavor, that little ram cake is very much loved by diners. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, remember not to miss this interesting dish.


Less ram bread makes Hue cuisine.


Cake is a combination of little cakes and ram.