Wet meat pie - Hue specialties on both delicious

Zone  soil Kim Long Hue  is famous not only have many gardeners that Kim Long also known for four visitors thanks to amazing food:  it was wet cake barbecue, bun barbecue . This is one of  Thua Thien Hue specialties  on both delicious taste and taste.


The taste of  Hue-style grilled meat  differs from Southern and Northern-style barbecue  in that the use of sesame, lemongrass, honey and sugar paste concentrates to marinate meat and marinate for about 3 hours. Thanks to that, the  barbecue is very fragrant and has a shiny reddish brown color . The dipping sauce is just right for the mouth, especially there are lots of raw vegetables, fresh and green. Therefore, when coming to  Hue tourism , you definitely have to enjoy this cake at least once. Do not hesitate, call the sales department of  the travel agency D2tour  at:  0941.297.079  for advice and reservations to enjoy this specialty.

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Wet meat pie - Hue specialties on both delicious

On Kim Long Road to  Thien Mu Hue Pagoda , you will see a number of shops located along the way. Virtually all of these restaurants serve  grilled wet buns that  are unique to Hue. At first glance, this dish looks quite like spring rolls. But when enjoying, diners will feel the difference immediately. The crust is similar to spring rolls, but not rice paper, but a  soft, chewy, wet rice paper thinly rolled and rolled. In the fillings are barbecue, herbs, salads and bean sprouts . It looks simple but every stage of preparing the materials is very meticulous and full of techniques. Contributing to the  dish of Hue wet meat cakes  more delicious indispensable sauce is prepared from Delicious fish sauce, sugar, lemon, garlic, chili in the style of Hue people, very fragrant and very characteristic flavor.

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Wet meat pie - Hue specialties on both delicious