Fruit Cake

Banh Khoai Cake is one of the famous cakes in Hue. This is a snack that is popular with people and tourists, not to be missed when coming to the ancient capital.

Fruit Cake

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Banh chung is a special fried cake of Hue ancient capital. The procedure is similar to the Southern Pancake but different types of pancakes. The cake is shaped like a round mold (small cast iron pan, flat bottom, 15cm diameter, pan about 2-3cm high). While pancakes are poured into a wide thin layer, after nine gold is doubled into a semicircle, to cover the inside. It is served with raw vegetables and dipping sauce or diluted fish sauce with lemon, garlic, and chili (pancakes). 

The cake is filled with river shrimp, spring rolls, chicken eggs, bacon is something anyone can imitate; The cake dough is mixed in the right ratio so that when the cake is coated, it is both crispy, fragrant, and elastic. Banh Khoai is also delicious thanks to the secret of mixing flour and broth made from more than 10 spices: soy sauce, peanuts, sesame, liver, pork, shrimp paste ... creating a thick sauce that diners when coming to Hue cannot help but blush about the skillfulness and sophistication of the chef. 

Fruit Cake

Hue favorite cake (Photo: Internet)

When the fried bread is finished, it has a yellowish color and is folded in half to rest on a pure white porcelain plate. There is a green color of lettuce, herbs, white of the price, cream yellow of figs, yellow of sweet star fruit, so beautiful. Bite a piece, crispy crackers in your mouth, diners can feel at once fat, sweet, fleshy, sour, acrid, the ..., how "can" not! How to enjoy delicious cakes in Hue, you not to be missed the three locations below. Banh Hanh Hanh
Banh Hanh Hanh is the name known by many Hue people and tourists. Located at 11 Pho Duc Chinh, about 50m from Pho Duc Chinh - Tran Quang Khai junction, this place is a popular snack restaurant but always crowded with customers, the space is spacious, airy, polite, and attentive staff. Enthusiastic affair. The shop is open from 8am - 10pm.

Lac Thien's favorite
cakes Lac Thien's favorite cakes, also known as Thuong Tu's favorite cakes, created at 6 Dinh Tien Hoang, located at the entrance of Thuong Tu. This is one of the oldest traditional bars in Hue. It is also present in the television series exploring Vietnam by Luke Nguyen (Luke Nguyen's Vietnam) in honor of Hue cuisine. The shop is very large, clean, airy, attentive and enthusiastic service staff. The restaurant is very crowded so you need to come early to be able to enjoy this dish. Opening hours from 8am - 10:30 pm. Hong Mai Delicatessen Hong Mai
Delicatessen Hong Mai is located at 78 Dinh Tien Hoang, about 20m from the intersection of Mai Thuc Loan - Dinh Tien Hoang towards Nguyen Bieu. The space is very clean and airy, the staff is fast and enthusiastic. Opening hours from 10am - 10pm.