Going to Hue, do not forget the areca candy associated with your childhood for generations

Having  to travel to Hue , try chewing areca dishes - old junk stuff of countless layers of Hue people. Simple, loving but juicy piece of candy has made many  Hue tourists  remember trot trade and bought as gifts for friends.


Areca candy is a folk candy associated with childhood of many Hue children. Areca candy shaped like an areca tree split into six, looks very eye-catching. The inside of the candy is light yellow made from solidified sugar water, showing the areca nut. The outside of the candy is white, made from a mixture of rice flour and sugar, representing the areca nut.

Areca candy is not as soft as coconut candy, so when eating, just suck on the candy to dissolve. In the past, areca candy was often wrapped in dried banana leaves or newspapers sold to children in the village. Nowadays, as the technology develops, areca candy is made by hand and packed in packaging.


Areca candy relatively cheap price. Therefore, in the shopping cart of the women, Hue's old days were indispensable 1-2 bags of candy. The children of that day always waited in front of the gate, waiting for their mothers to return, and then rushed in to get the bag of candy.

Areca candy sweet and hard, so when eaten must suck slowly. Sweet candy bar infused slowly, arousing all senses in the hearts of visitors. Eating areca candy and drinking hot tea is the hobby of many people, especially the elderly ladies and gentlemen in Hue. The sweetness of the candy combined with the bitterness of the tea creates a new taste. Areca candy is definitely a specialty not to be missed when traveling to Hue.