Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue

1. Mussel rice / Bun mussels

A bowl of Hue standard rice "Hue" must be cold rice overnight, so it can keep the crispyness of vegetables and the aroma of spices. True to the "spicy, heavy" nature of Hue people, this Hue specialty dish must be spicy, salty and especially spicy. When coming to Hue, if you do not tell carefully, your mussel rice bowl will make you burn your tongue.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Not everyone can enjoy Hue standard mussel rice dishes due to their spicy taste. @wiktorkomorniczak

Currently, you can easily eat mussel rice, mussels noodle in every province but if you have ever tried mussel rice in Hue, you will have to say, "This is the standard mussel rice!". Probably because of the spicy, rich taste that Hue special dish of mussel rice makes people remember forever.

  • Clam mound with Da Dam - 1 Han Mac Tu and Vy Da.
  • Little's shop in the crossroads of Pham Hong Thai - Truong Dinh.
  • The shop is at No. 2 Truong Dinh.
  • Congee - Bun - Com mussels - 98 Nguyen Hue.

2. Hue beef noodle soup

Different from the South, where Hue beef noodle bowl has a pleasant sweet taste from the bone, Hue people use corpses to extract the flavor for a bowl of noodles. Therefore, traditional Hue beef noodle soup wants to prepare to be salty, more charming. One difference between bun bo in Hue and in other regions is the noodles. With this dish, Hue people especially use rice noodles, also known as fresh vermicelli, which you often eat when spring rolls, or vermicelli and rice noodles.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Hue vermicelli noodles are much smaller than the original ones. @Internet
Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Hue people often eat bun bo in the morning. @ eat.travel.with.diep

If you want to enjoy this Hue specialties, you have to be very quick because Hue beef noodle soup is only sold in the morning. Every morning, just a bowl of beef noodles, pork rolls, Hue rolls, shrimp rolls is enough energy for a day's work. Perhaps one of the favorite customs of the people of the ancient capital is to slowly enjoy a bowl of beef noodle soup, sipping a cup of tea and sharing stories with each other.

  • Bun Bo Hue - 14 Ly Thuong Kiet
  • Bun Tuyet Bun - 37 Nguyen Cong Tru
  • Bun Tam Tam - 43 Nguyen Cong Tru
  • Bun My My - 71 Nguyen Cong Tru

3. Sesame

Sesame, also known as sesame candy, is one of the dishes that always appear on Hue tea table. Hue people used to drink tea while sipping small sesame seeds, this is also one of the elegant pleasures. In fact, in Hue is not in a hurry, eating sesame as well. With this special Hue specialty dish, you can only be in your mouth to feel all the sweetness, flexibility and aroma that they bring.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Sesame is a cake gift that tourists often buy as gifts. @Internet

Due to the increasing demand of tourists, you may encounter many types of sesame such as plastic sesame, sesame brittle, black sesame, mirror sesame. Each type has its own deliciousness and interestingness, but you also need to be careful when buying sesame as gifts. When buying sesame chips, you should check their color and ductility. If the sesame is yellow in color, when it is squeezed or broken, it feels soft but not broken, release the hand to return to the old shape and form a good sesame.

You can enjoy delicious sesame and buy as gifts at:

  • Sesame paste Thien Huong - 20 Chi Lang.
  • Nam Thuan sesame paste - 135 Huynh Thuc Khang.
  • Dong Ba Market - Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa.

4. Hue tea

It is not exaggerated to call Hue the capital of all kinds of tea and alley tea is one of the characteristics of Hue. Just a few steps away, you will come across a shop or carrying tea in the alley. Therefore, tea becomes a specialty of Hue indispensable in your list of things to try.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Colorful tea pots. @chutrieulong
Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Che Alley - Number 1 Kiet 29 Hung Vuong. @linhgumiho

The delicious and strange tea sold year-round throughout the month can be mentioned as roasted meat powder tea, banana taro tea, tofu, corn tea, lotus seed tea ... On hot days, try a bowl of tea with ice is unmatched cool. Each type of tea has a unique flavor, so if you have time, you definitely have to try it all.

  • Che Alley - 17 Hung Vuong.
  • Che Sao - 60 Phan Chu Trinh.

5. Nem Lui Hue

It is often said that spring rolls is one of the great things about Hue cuisine. The dish is made simple and simple, but thanks to the strong taste and many flavors of Hue people, this Hue special dish has a scent that can make diners flutter.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Nem Luy is one of the "thick" Hue dishes. @bachuaviahe

Hue Spring rolls are often served with raw vegetables, pineapple, star fruit, bean sprouts, chili as meat rolls of the South. The difference in this dish is the special sauce called "soups". Make sure you eat once and will "crave" until the day when you try Hue spring rolls at the following addresses:

  • Grilled Meat Bun & Spring Rolls Ba Ty - 81 Dao Duy Tu.
  • Tai Phu - 2 Dien Bien Phu, P. Vinh Ninh.

6. Tré Hue

At first glance, many tourists will easily be confused between Hue treats and Hue spring rolls because these two Hue specialties are "related" to each other, however, their methods are different so you need to ask carefully before buying. Té aroma smells of hearing, dark sweetness, slightly sour. There are two types of Hue tré, pig and cow.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Tré Hue, when wrapped in leaves, is difficult to distinguish from spring rolls. @ o0o.bichngoc.o0o

However, Hue tré dish does not have a specific way, so the taste and color are also diverse depending on the taste of the maker. On the dining table of the Hue family, tré is an appetizer or tasting with indispensable wine. Nem and tré Hue must be bought in Dao Duy Tu street to meet the standard because Dao Duy Tu street specializes in producing and selling spring rolls from Hue to Hue.

  • Spring Roll Spring Roll Hue Ba - 25 Dao Duy Tu, Phu Binh.

7. Nam Pho soup cake

Nam Pho soup cake comes from the village ... Nam Pho. This is a popular street food in this village, a place about 10 km from the city center. You will see the water is a bit cloudy and candy because Nam Pho soup is made from rice flour and filter flour in the ratio of 3 rice - 1 filter.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Famous banh canh in Hue. @trungbuii
Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
No need to go to Nam Pho village to eat this Hue specialty, even in the center of Hue city, there are many places to sell. @danangcuisine

Soup broth also has bacon and shrimp. When you eat, remember to add some chili to increase the spicy to feel the full delicious Hue quality. Nam Pho soup is a favorite Hue specialty of many tourists and locals alike. Every afternoon, in parallel with the burden of weed tea, is the presence of Nam Pho bread rolls.

  • Thuy Restaurant specializes in Nam Pho Soup - 16 Pham Hong Thai.
  • Nam Pho soup cake - 374 Chi Lang.

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8. Hue sour shrimp

Sour shrimp is a simple specialty of Hue that you can hardly see in other provinces. The shrimp itself has a cool, sweet taste, which is now mixed with spicy from the spices, not only does not overwhelm the coolness inherent to the shrimp but also is very harmonious and attractive when eaten with the side dishes. other.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
The sour and sour taste of sour shrimp dish will surely make you remember forever. @Internet

If you pay close attention, you will see this is a Hue specialty that represents the sophisticated and meticulous personality of the people here. When processing, they especially do not use large sea shrimp, but only freshwater shrimp, river shrimp, small shrimp. The reason is because small shrimps are more easily absorbed by the seasoning and when displayed on plates, cups or in jars, it also looks more beautiful.

Hue sour shrimp are often served as spring rolls with boiled meat, rice paper and raw vegetables. In addition, if you do not have much time to roll rice paper, you can also eat sour shrimp with hot rice. The best sour shrimp dish must be bought here:

  • Sour shrimp 21 Dang Tran Con.

9. Mixing fig

In Hue, when someone invites you to eat "fig", that is, they want you to have fun and eat for your mouth. Perhaps that is why figs in Hue are often used as a snack or aperitif. Coming here, you definitely have to try figs because this is a true specialty of Hue, only Hue has figs, make sure not to touch with any other country.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Figs are only found in Hue. @Internet
Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Mixing figs are often served with baked rice paper. @Internet

An interesting fact is that when eating in Hue, from a restaurant to a popular restaurant, you will easily come across the fig and mixed dishes on the menu proving the popularity of the people here for this fruit. Baked rice paper is a "couple card" with figs. Scooping and mixing pieces with rice paper, putting them into your mouth is the right way of eating in Hue. Mix is ​​a popular dish, you can easily find this dish at any restaurant in Hue, especially the popular "pubs" here.

10. Areca candy

The name "betel nut" comes from the areca-like shape of this candy, which looks like an additional betel nut. This is a favorite food that children love, including the pale yellow sugar water that has dried out, symbolizing the areca nut, and the white exterior, which is areca nut, made of sugar batter.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Areca candy (left) is a snack associated with the childhood of many locals. @ hanhle87

This Hue specialty has been around for quite some time. Initially, the candies were in whole balls, often wrapped in dried banana leaves but today, candy is added and wrapped in clean cellophane. You can easily buy areca candy at the big and small markets, grocery stores, or even at the sights.

11. Duckweed

Referring to the ancient capital and Hue specialties, how can you ignore countless kinds of "cakes" here, from sweet to salty, Hue is truly a cake's paradise. At the beginning of this list, you must mention the famous Beo cake.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Coming to Hue without eating Hue dirt cake is a "waste" of the whole trip. @yensplate

Enjoying Hue duck cake is really a cake made in small cups and coming to the bamboo tray. On the surface of the white cake is the red orange of shrimp lice, yellow onions and pork rinds and green of fat onions. Chan a little chili sauce on top before eating, you will feel like all the heaven and earth are gathered in the cup of Hue duck cake.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Sweet sauce must have chili to turn out the delicious taste of Hue duck cake. @ im.pubu

In Hue, there are two places where Beo Beo cake attracts the most tourists, Nam Pho Banh Beo and Doc So. Besides, there are also many shops and shops selling Beo Beo cake, such as Ngu Binh and Tay Thuong Beo cake.

  • Banh Beo neighborhood: An Dinh palace, Ngu Binh street, Nguyen Binh Khiem street, ...
  • Dining Area Food Tay Loc - 209 Nguyen Trai.
  • Ba Cu duck cake - 47 Nguyen Hue.

12. Tapioca flour

Hue filter cake is divided into two types: banh chung (cake wrapped in banana or dong leaves) and bare cake (not wrapped in leaves), but each of them attracts customers thanks to the transparent cooked dough. the red shrimp is nice and delicious. The bread is usually shrimp, finely chopped bacon, also has a place to keep the whole small shrimp.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Filter cake is a specialty of Hue that is both delicious and easy to check-in to create beautiful photos due to the harmony of colors. @ cooky.vn

Like other Hue specialty cakes, filter cakes only eat with spicy sweet sauce, no need to eat with raw vegetables. You can enjoy deliciously prepared Hue cakes at the following addresses:

  • 109 shop specializing in Beo - Nam - Filter - 109 Le Huan.

13. Cake Nam

Banh nam is also one of the favorite snacks of people here, appearing on many street vendors throughout Hue city. The cake is rectangular in shape, wrapped in dong leaves, with a layer of white flour with pink shrimp paste. A bowl of nam cake usually will have more shrimp rolls, sweet fish sauce to make the cake stronger.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Like other cakes here, nam cake is served with slightly spicy sweet sauce. @Internet
  • Mrs. Do's brown cake - 71 Nguyen Binh Khiem, Phu Cat.
  • Me Restaurant - 14 Vo Thi Sau, Phu Hoi.

14. Delicious cakes

If you come to Hue for the first time, you will easily mistake your favorite cake as a pancake because the appearance of these two dishes has many similarities. If you look closely, you will see that the dough crust is small, thicker and brittle than the pancake. It is about the appearance, when eaten, the taste of the two dishes is also different, mainly due to the cup of dipping sauce made.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Pancakes and pancakes actually have a lot of difference in both how and how to cook. @Internet

The dipping sauce of love pie is called "soups". The broth of Hue specialties is made from pork liver, lean minced meat, roasted sesame, pounded peanuts and genuine Hue soy sauce.

  • Lac Thien's favorite cake - 6 Dinh Tien Hoang.

15. Little ram

If considered in the dish of salty bread, ram is less than the most sophisticated part from the shape, the color scheme to the way. This feat comes from the fact that it was not easy to try Hue specialties, before being a specialty of Hue, that was once the favorite food of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
This is a very strange cake for many customers. @yensplate
Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Little ram bread looks extremely attractive, doesn't it. @maysul_seulgi

The name "low ram" is a combination of two cakes: ram and low bread. The white round cake on top is a little cake, the fried bread on the bottom is ram. When eating cake is also a very unique experience. When biting, first we feel the plasticity of the glutinous rice flour, then the rich meat and shrimp in the cake and then the crunchy crunchy ram. It is both delicious and delicious, the little ram is the favorite dish of many customers when coming to Hue.

  • Me Restaurant - 14 Vo Thi Sau, Phu Hoi.

16. Green bean cake with fruits

Fruit green bean cake is also known as "nobility" cake because in the past, fruit green bean cake was only made by famous chefs and bakers to give to the court. Therefore, the cake requires high dexterity and carefulness in the making.

Haven't tried 16 Hue specialties yet, you haven't come to Hue
Fruit green bean cake used to be a noble cake, dedicated to the king. @Internet

"Noble" flour is made from green beans, jelly and food coloring. After mixing the dough, the worker must shape the common types of tubers, fruits such as oranges, plums, apples, chili, by hand to make them. and chatter, confide. This slow and easy way of eating is suitable for old regal families or the elderly. To enjoy and buy as gifts for relatives of this fruit cake, you can visit the following addresses:

  • Dong Ba Market - Tran Hung Dao, Phu Hoa.
  • Vong Luc Bo - 79 Nguyen Chi Dieu, Thuan Thanh.

Nowadays, it is not difficult for you to try Hue dishes in any provinces and cities you visit, but it would be a waste if you have come to Hue without trying the right Hue specialties. Rich and full of flavor - color - taste is what you will remember about cuisine here. Please share with  Traveloka  your culinary experience in Hue!